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Welcome To Hegg Mill, LLC Feed and Mill Innovations And Farm Supply

Innovations in feed mill operations are necessary for the times we live in. At Hegg Mill, LLC, we as a team work together on all ends of production for your livestock and farm needs. From the farmer to the nutritionists, we use our facility to effectively and efficiently mix your custom feeds and provide you with other farm supplies. We understand, as farmers ourselves, the importance of delivering fresh quality premium feeds and quality products.

Consistency Since 1978

We store and roast soybeans for our protein mixes, buy corn oats and beans, have more mixing capabilities in volume, and provide detailed nutritional blends with our growing efficiencies. Loading and unloading at our facility are easy and technologically advanced for commodities handling and delivery or logistics for bulk and bagged delivery is more efficient as well. If you are picking up your order, our docks get you in and out in a timely manner. The mixing plant and warehouse being combined is convenient for bagging and mixing recipes including pre-bagged and bulk feed, mineral, and vitamin distribution.


Areas Of Expertise

When you're in need of the following:

  • Feed / Seed

  • Technology / Consulting

  • Large And Small Farm Supply

  • Animal Nutrition

  • Logistics / Delivery

Hegg Mill is owned and managed by Travis Thompson, himself a farmer and Ettrick native. Travis worked at the mill for seven years before acquiring it... MORE


Products And Services

Hegg Mill continues to grow with today's agricultural demands of the farmers. Our retail customer base continues to grow with farming products ranging from our custom feed mixes, seed and supplies from milk replacer, vitamins and minerals, nutrition consulting, farm supply including gates, feeders, storage bins, net wrap, and more with delivery services readily available. From our Ettrick, WI location we service a greater 60-mile radius including West Salem, the Bangor area, Rockland area, points north to Eau Claire, over to the Waumandee area circling down to Fountain City, and over to the Galesville, WI areas.

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