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Fly Control at Hegg Mill

Fly control is a huge deal to any of your animals’ comfort and happiness. Flies cause problems to the farmer and the animal. On average the biting insects feed off your animals’ blood 20-30 times a day. This causes your animal to use more of their energy at fighting off flies than growing and producing their product. Poor reproductive performance and calf development can be linked to the lack of fly control.



At Hegg Mill we make it a priority to not only keep your animals healthy internally, we also want to keep your animals safe from any insects that could harm them.


Beef Builder 8 Calving & Breeding With IGR + Weatherized

This product is a beef animal mineral from Famo Feeds, the mineral is formulated to be fed to brood cows during the period from 2 months prior to calving until the beef cow is bred back. The formula is medicated with Methoprene, which is used as an insecticide. The Altosid IGR provides some horn fly control on your summer pasture.



This product is a SmartLic Tub. The SmartLic tub is a nutritional supplement containing Methoprene insect growth regulator for continuous feeding to all classes of beef and dairy cattle in the horn fly season. The supplement also contains Altosid which offers the most convenient and effective way to control horn flies in all types of cattle.



Elim-A-Fly contains diflubenzuron, an insect growth regulator which stops the development of pesty insects. Diflubenzuron is active in the manure of calves treated with Elim-A-Fly. Elim-A-Fly is for use in whole milk or milk replacer fed to a calf. The proportion depends on the weight of the calf.


IDO Pyrenone Dairy Spray

This product is for the protection of cattle from attacks of stable flies, horse flies, deer flies, house flies, horn flies, mosquitoes and gnats. Spray about 3 seconds on each side of the cow, being careful to spray the back, withers and forelegs thoroughly. Only repeat once a day.


Back Rubber and Pour on

This product is made by Prozap, it comes ready to use. The product is for use on beef cattle, dairy cattle and swine. This helps reduce the nuder of flies, mosquitoes, ticks & lice. The active ingredient is Permethrin.

*We also carry a product similar to this, but it is in a powder form.


#FlyStrike and other harmful diseases due to fly infestation can be a problem for any animals on the farm. #HeggMill has your solutions.

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