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Hegg Mill continues to grow with today's agricultural demands of the farmers. Our retail customer base continues to grow with farming products ranging from our custom feed mixes, seed and supplies from milk replacer to net wrap, vitamins and minerals, nutrition’s consulting, and delivery services readily available. We also roast our own beans and have storage capabilities for beans and corn all at one great new mill location. From our Ettrick, WI location we service a greater 60-mile radius including West Salem, the Bangor, Rockland area, points north to Eau Claire, over to the Waumandee area circling down to Fountain City, and over to the Galesville, WI areas. The area is constantly growing.
FEED / Custom Mixes

All our feeds are hands-on for your specific needs. We pull orders in the warehouse with mixes readily available and custom mixes formulated in our new facility. We mix feed for dairy, beef, hog, chicken, specialty, and some horse feeds. Some of our feeds come premixed and we custom mix for delivery in bag or bulk. We also have some organic mixes available.

DELIVERY / Logistics

We are big on fresh with our delivery of animal feeds and custom pre-mixed feeds for your dairy, beef, hog, chicken, operations delivering right to your farm or facility when you need it. 


With storage facilities now closely connected to the mill, we continue to become more efficient with our storage facility and can more quickly respond to your storage needs. Keep Hegg Mill in mind for your storage and commodities service needs.      Now Available: Oat Storage! 

call for more information.


We can now offer a larger variety and volume of all our products with the new Hegg Mill Facility. With this opportunity comes the responsibility to deliver fresh feeds and rotate out our product efficiently and in a timely manner. Our commitment is to provide you with the freshest premium farm feed products.


Note: Due to our sales volume, we cannot guarantee all products shown are currently available.  However, we can custom order the product or introduce you to a similar product.


The retail store continues to expand in our new area. With the milling and retail facility combined, you will continue to see us integrate new lines and expand our existing lines. So, continue to check with us and make suggestions for products we can carry. We are your mill and want to continue to offer you the best products and services.

Brand Names:


Famo Feeds

Nutritionist – Holly Vasfaret (Territory Manager)

  • Heard Health

  • Milk Replacers

  • Calf Feeds

  • Minerals

  • Heard Builders

  • Finishers

  • Small animal feeds

  • Horse Feeds

  • Custom Mixes and Blends


Renaissance Nutrition

Nutrition For

  • Heard Health

  • Milk Replacers

  • Mill Mixes

  • Finishers

  • Custom Mixes and Blends


Agri King

Nutrition For

  • Tri Lution – Calf health

  • Dairy Tri Max

  • Super Micro Plus

  • Zy-mend



More Brands:

  • Vigortone

  • IDO Products

  • Old Elm – Bird Seed

  • Tuffy’s Dog Food

  • High Pro – Lamb N' Rice

  • Rancher’s Choice Pet Products

  • Whitetail Mineral

  • Redman Salt

  • Pest Control Products:

  • Tom Cat – Rat/Mouse products

  • Elim-a-Fly

  • Farm Products:

  • Brazilian Twine

  • Bridon Twine

  • ToDay- Mastitis Treatment

  • ToMorrow- Mastitis Treatment

  • Dr. Naylor Products

  • Teat Dilators

  • Udder Balm

  • Blue Ribbon – Scours Treatment

  • Sioux Gates - All Products

  • Rescue - Smarter Pest Control

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Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-5pm

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