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About Hegg Mill

Hegg Mill's Site


Hegg Mill is owned and managed by Travis Thompson, himself a farmer and Ettrick native.  Travis worked at the mill for seven years before acquiring it in 2008.  He is assisted by a small, dedicated team of customer-oriented workers.

Travis Thompson:




Travis has poured his heart and soul into Hegg Mill, LLC. Travis took over his Family’s Dairy Farm which he has successfully managed from 1992 – 2001. Travis has worked at Hegg Mill, LLC since 2001 but has successfully owned/operated the mill since 2008.


He has worked hard by ensuring his customers are truly number one, in doing so he has built strong client relationships that can be hard to come by in the agricultural industry. Travis and the Hegg Mill customers have faith and trust that he and the growing team will not only take care of their needs but they will do it no matter what time of day or night to make sure their animals are properly fed with high-quality feed. 

Travis has chosen this career path for himself because of his love for farming and animals. With his years of knowledge and his ability to understand the needs of people and their animals, Travis has given Hegg Mill its caring reputation.  

Our Service

The growing Hegg Mill staff is ready and available for prompt and precise order fulfillment and delivery of your products from mixed feed to supplies.

Stop in during business hours and let us assist you in service and product expertise for your farming operation(s). See "Old Fashioned Feed Milling” hands-on combined with innovation and technology in action.


Offering our own network of independent nutrition consultants, not only helps you, our customer, but it creates a win-win for our continued education to custom mix your products with the knowledge to assist you in boosting your productivity, while maintaining better than average herd health through nutrition. We give you our BEST!


We work safely and efficiently with the conveniences that are readily available with our new facility with more up-to-date equipment and technology to better serve your needs while protecting our greatest assets at the mill, our customers and employees with our docks, easy on and offloading, and much more!

Environment & Sustainability

Herd health is a small piece of the big picture in sustainability and **creating an environment that is for the farmer while understanding the importance of maximizing your herd's longevity as well.

Or best practices in the milling environment mesh well with our customers who rely on their animals for a living and enjoyment.

Product & Convenience
show room 1.jpg

Offering our customers the best products at a great price is another goal at Hegg Mill. We bring you more products in a variety of categories for your farming needs so you can conveniently place your orders for pick up or delivery while keeping your operation running smoothly and having the availability of new and improved products.

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