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What Hegg Mill Can Do For Your Nutritional Needs

At Hegg Mill we value our customers needs, we want to make you and your animals happy. Keeping your animals happy and healthy is important to have quality production. Nutrition is a very important part of helping your animal(s) stay healthy, as it is to humans. Hegg Mill can assist you in your nutritional needs.


In July, we had our nutritionist with us at the Trempealeau County Fair. She was there to talk with you about your farms nutritional needs. If you missed her, you can call the mill for her contact information.

Travis Thompson (Owner) sitting at the Hegg Mill Booth at the Trempealeau County Fair

Our nutritionist and Hegg Mill will be happy to work with you for your farms needs.


Our staff and our nutritionist will be happy to assist you in making a mix that is personalized to your farm. Our nutritionist can come on site to review your farm and your animals. We will then go over the needs of your animals and create a custom mix just for your animals. She is in the area weekly.

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