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Save up to $800 on a Country Clipper Zero Turn

It's springtime! That means it's the perfect time to save big on a new Country Clipper Zero Turn mower. Come check out the great Clipper Days sales where you could save up to $800 on your new lawn mower.

Country Clipper Zero Turns come with some great features that most zero turns don't have such as:

  • Optional Joystick or Standard zero-turn controls

  • Contour Deck Tracking System Pivoting Front Axle (prevents scalping and uneven cut as the deck contours to the slope you are mowing on.)

  • Maintenance-Friendly Stand-up Deck (allows you to access blades and deck easily without all the hassle.)

  • Stability (Country clippers are equipped with ContourDTS which helps all four wheels stay on the ground at all times.)

Come test your new mower out today, or give us a call with any questions.

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