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Livestock Feed Solutions for a healthier,

sustainable future

Products and Services

We are not your typical mill at Hegg Mill, LLC. Having a history for custom blending our feeds since 1978, the mill continues to roast our own beans, store beans, and corn. We mix our own feeds, and retail the name brands most requested by our rural and farm customers.  Because of our commitment to quality, our valued customers continue to grow with us. Our new facility can better accommodate your farming feed, seed, and supply needs as we take on new products daily.  Our recent expansion allows us to become your one-stop mill for the products, services, and nutrition consulting your farm needs at the best prices.

About Us
Hegg Mill Employee bagging feed

Our Mission:

  • Work closely with farmers and qualified professionals to formulate feed mixes calibrated for highest milk production and quality

  • Bring in the best ingredients from reputable suppliers

  • Provide storage and roasting for your beans to be used in protein mixes

  • Mix and deliver fresh the same day

  • Monitor results with farmers and make adjustments as necessary

Feel free to call us at 608-525-4545 or to e-mail us at  We would love to sit down with you and discuss the feeding needs of your animals and outline a plan for better production.  As a small-town business, you will find us friendly, open, and honest every step of the way.


Hegg Mill is owned and managed by Travis Thompson, himself a farmer and Ettrick native.  Travis worked at the mill for seven years before acquiring it...

Hegg Mill Innovations 

Elevators/Storage Bins Set

May 1, 2016


The cranes finished erecting the elevators and the construction crews also finished the connections to the storage bins with new innovative technologies to best serve our farming community customers...

New Facility Operational and Custom Mix Capabilities are Expanded

June 13, 2016


Our mixing capabilities have not only expanded with our new facility, but we now have more bins which means more and better options for our formulas or custom mixes...

New Facility On-Site Storage Nearly Reaching Full Capacity

October 27, 2016


Our large on-site bin storage capabilities continue to meet market demands and we are happy to say our main storage bin is exceeding 90% capacity

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Thank you for visiting our web-site . Please stop in and come back to our web site. IF YOUR A DEER HUNTER CHECK IN WITH US ABOUT PRODUCTS WE CARRY TOO!

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